Educational Consulting Call With Team

This call aims to clarify how well your current system is running and where the greatest areas of opportunity are. Our work with dozens of businesses just like yours allows us to zero in on exactly where the inefficiencies are. Then we’ll help you to see which areas are the highest priority based on the effort to fix, risk, and the results for your business.

We get access to your system a week before our call to give us time to audit what you currently have. You’ll complete a form to give context for what you are doing and want to do. As we are looking through your system, this allows us to see the inconsistencies. On the call, we’ll walk you through our findings and recommendations. You can implement them yourself or we can create a project scope to tackle them for you.

You will receive a PDF action plan and the recording of the call.

After the call, if you think it was not a good use of your time and money, then we will refund the full amount.