Payment Collection System


  • Your system has a number of failed payments.
  • You do not currently have a system to systematically ensure you are collecting payments.
  • Your team does the best that they can but they are human and humans miss things.

The Payment Collection system enables you to be proactive with customers and see drop-off points before they become fires.

  • Payment failure campaign setup PAYF trigger based on billing automation for up to 3 products.
  • Reminders to update their cards.
  • Email an admin if they don’t Restrict access.
  • if they don’t Failed order, “do you need help” email
  • Easy internal form for manual intervention.
  • System stability searches (this makes sure that the system is working).
  • How many active members do you have?
  • How many active subscribers do you have (this should match members)
  • How many people are active in payment failure
  • Amounts owing on your account (this flags up issues outside of PAYF)Credit card expiry campaign.
  • Let clients know if their card is going to expire
  • Triggers clients into PAYF if they do not update.

KEAP does not do this automatically and you will get people who don’t get triggered into PAYF without this.

Up to 5 hrs of customization.

This is time spent tweaking it to make it just right for you and your specific business needs. For instance, Shay said you don’t want to remove access right away but you do want to have a system that does remove it if they don’t update.
Documentation of how the system works

Customization call – 1hr

On this call, we will explain how the system works and chat with your team about anything that needs to be tweaked to suit your needs.

Training- 1/2 hr

This is training your team on how to manage the system going forward, what to keep an eye out for etc.

Hand-off call – 1/2 hr

This is at the end of your 30 days of support to ensure that you and your team understand the system, it’s working the way you think it should and go through any questions you have.

Clean-up report

During this process, we will find the contact records that need to be cleaned up. We will pass this back to your team with our recommended next steps. We will also offer pricing if you want us to take care of it for you.

30 days of monitoring and support  -> 12-week timeline (the last 4 weeks is monitoring)