Outcome Exploratory

You want __________ but there isn’t a way to do it out of the box. You were given some options and they aren’t quite right. It’s worth it for you to get exactly what you want. We don’t know until we actually get in their and start trying some stuff.

We’ll try a few different ways of accomplishing what you want. We’ll come back and show you what it could be like as a proof of concept. We’ll then give you cost estimates on the different options. The work done in this process will lay the framework for what you want. In some instances, we’ll be able to get it done within this period but we won’t know till we dig in.

3 calls with up to 20hrs of development time to show a proof of concept.


This fee is so that the team can explore a customized solution. This is suitable for when we are building something new for you, something that we haven’t tested prior or used with other clients. We need to be able to understand how this feature will work with all of the different user stories, and what its risks and limitations are.