Momentum Program

The Momentum Kickstart is a 12-month cleaning of the house and setting the foundation you need to scale to the next level.

  • Double your revenue
  • Cut your customer service costs in half
  • Create an outstanding customer experience to keep customer driving your customer acquisition costs down
  • Finally have space to breathe where you don’t have to put out the fires, so you can consistently focus on growing your business

You must have completed a project or audit in order to be eligible for the Momentum On-boarding. You will be refunded if you have not completed this step. 

Momentum is $7500 USD for the first 3 months and then $6000 monthly on-going for 12 months.

$7,500.00 / month for 3 months

Messy systems mean that nobody knows what’s going on. Every time you want to add something, change something or there is an issue it’s like chasing cats. You can’t grow because your technology isn’t setup correctly. The Momentum Onboarding gives you a technical strategy that gives you the foundation to move quickly and scale up.

This is based on 10 years + of experience of Melodie Moore managing and scaling sites to well over 7 figures. We’re not figuring it out, we’ve done it many times over. Melodie will work directly with you for the 3-month period to customize your technical strategy for your direct business needs.

By the end of the 3 months, you will:

  • Have accomplished 3 or more of your major pain points
  • Have a business flow map that shows where you are at and your next areas of opportunity
  • Have clear documentation on exactly how your system works so you can stop guessing
  • Have clear directions for your support staff to maintain and work with the system
  • Your foundation will be solid so that you can move quickly on new ideas, see what works, throw out what doesn’t and get to your next goals

Once you complete payment, your on-boarding will be booked out with a start date put in place.

On the onboarding call we go through how we communicate, where to submit questions, response times, where you can see updates etc. This one call saves us thousands of hours on miscommunication down the road.

The team is already at work gathering up your data, seeing what is actually going on in your system to get a clear picture. This allows us to find the easy wins and the long-term foundations to put in place.

Month 1: We’ll cover the most pressing items for you and lay the groundwork for the items that need to be built, rebuilt or cleaned up. We map out your business from a technical level to understand what needs to change now and in the future to get you to a place of stability. This enables you to keep growing your business without having to fix things, rebuild or pull your hair out.

Month 2 & 3: We do the work. It ain’t sexy. It’s going in there, testing making sure things work as expected. Showing you, getting feedback and tweaking. It’s training your team and working with them so that the systems are yours and create a foundation for years to come.

It includes design, copy and basic SEO.

If you need a complete rebuild on the above items then we put you in touch with experts in those specific fields.

We meet weekly for a half hour to go over progress and what we need from you. We have a 1hr working call to work through systems with you. This is where we talk you through the strategy and coach you on the best options for your business.


At the end of the kickstart, you move into the Momentum program. We have quarterly strategy sessions and keep making Momentum in your business. This is billed at $6,000 USD monthly.