Email Preferences Centre

Keap’s native email list subscription functionality lacks the flexibility for your contacts to choose what they want to receive from you. It’s an all or nothing. Our email preferences centre utilises Keap and Memberium to allow members to choose which of your lists they are subscribed to.

Here’s what you get:

  • Up to 3 of your email subscription lists included (more can be added for an additional cost)
  • Up to 1 membership email subscription include * (more can be added for an additional cost)
  • One ’email preferences’ membership level on your Memberium site
  • A campaign that will control the opt-in and opt-out automation for each of the lists
  • An page where contacts will see what they are subscribed to, and be able to change their subscriptions
  • A dashboard widget that will show each opted in list for easy sending of broadcasts

* A membership email subscription is the emails your customers get that non-customer don’t. This will require some conditional set up on the page and in the campaign.