Direct Customer Support

$997.00 / month and a $2,500.00 setup fee

Many support companies will keep solving the same issue over and over again. We look at how to put systems in place so that support item stops coming in, fixing the root of the issue rather than just dealing with the symptom.   
We can provide you support for your membership site with direct support to your clients. My support team is all based in Toronto. We have a 24 hour response rate during Monday-Friday. Simple issues like lost passwords and account access should be solved within 24hours. In the case where an issue requires further troubleshooting or a larger fix, we communicate consistently with the client to mange expectations. We work to put a interim fix in place so that your clients are able to get what they need.
Our direct customer support package works like this:
  • We do an audit of current issues you get
  • Audit of your site
  • Audit of your billing
  • Audit of your membership system
  • Go through “standard response”
  • Go through when items need to be escalated to your team
  • Get on the same page about the tone for your support. Some clients are very stern and others more on the playful side. It’s the difference between adding emojis or gifs and signing “regards”
  • Meet once to of over your business
  • Meet a second time to finalize how we work with you
  • The support software is installed directly on your site, you can view tickets at anytime
  • We integrate the support software with your membership
  • We create forms for common issues to cut down on the support costs down the road
  • Weekly update email with issues reported and anything we need from you
  • If something is urgent, we will email you right away
  • We’ll keep your site up to date, provided it meets our standards of stability. If you are running several years behind on updates then we’ll need to get it to a place of stability before we can do this.
  • We’ll report back on how many tickets were solved
  • We’ll report back on where you are at for using your monthly allocation.
There is a $2500 onboarding fee. On-going the base price is $1000 with additional fees if you go over your support hours or need more build work to fix an issue. We have one level up at $2500 which includes improving your site each month.
We can also provide operational support around ensuring that your billing is operating correctly and ensuring that members who are not paying do not have access.