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Foundation Membership Site Setup

( 12 week timeline)

$5000 USD

This build gives you a solid foundation to build on. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to start off but you do want to be able to add them over time. 

This setup and tech stack is based on over 8 years of setting up, scaling and supporting high-performing membership sites. It is not everything you will need forever. It gets you setup on a solid foundation to add functions yourself or for us to do it for you in the future. Without a solid foundation, you will end up spending more. Without a solid foundation everything you want to add breaks something else.  

Below you will see the specific deliverables listed. In addition, you will see more information about customization hours.  Customization hours are the items and tweaks that are specific to you and your business. For instance, you have 3 membership levels as opposed to the 1 included. We’ll be able to support this by using your customization hours. You will be asked to approve what you want to use your customization hours for and can purchase more hours.

Once you purchase, you’ll complete our onboarding form. Your site will be set up within a week. We’ll then meet with you to go over the site and flow. On this call, we’ll prioritize out how you want to use your customization hours. After, we’ll make those updates and work through a launch plan. We can do a pre or post-launch call to get people into your site.

Site Setup Includes: 

  • Design based on UX best practices and to match your brand
  • Site on your custom domain name like my.yoursite.com, login.yoursite.com or members.yoursite.com
  • Theme customization and styling to match your brand (2 rounds of revisions)
  • KEAP integration
  • 1 membership level
  • 1 dashboard page
  • My account to update basic information like email, password, address, view invoices and CC
  • KEAP Welcome & Nurture campaign
    • Login trifecta
    • First login system and tracking
    • 3 onboarding emails
    • Proactive checks for invalid emails with a task
    • Internal form for easy adding and removing
    • New member join date
  • Integration with existing checkout system to provide access
  • 20 customization hours
  • 1 review call
  • 1 launch call
  • Active members 
  • New members in the last 7 days 
  • New members in the last 30 days 
  • Has not logged in, ever 
*We will do our best to get you the most accurate numbers. Given that your site has been around for some time, there might be discrepancies. We provide a service to work through numbers discrepancies if you would like.

Plugin Install & Licenses:

  • Learndash LMS install & 1 year license ($199)
  • Learndash Po Panel install & 1 year license ($59)
  • Astra Pro theme ($47)
  • Gravity Forms install & 1 year license ($59)
  • Elementor Pro ($49)
  • Send mail through SMTP ($149)

Total licenses included: $562


Part of your package includes 3 months of WpFuel hosting. If you choose to host your site on WpFuel for a year then changing out the domain is included.

If you choose to use another hosting provider, we will move the site to this provider for you. If this host causes issues with the site then additional service fees may apply. It’s typically $200 – $500 to work through host-specific issues. 


During the 2 calls, we will be training you on your specific site and setup. Each call is recorded and sent to you after. We’ll also create up to 3 customized training videos, if needed. 

After the site is completed, you’ll have 3 months of access to My.businesstechninjas.com for chat support with the Ninja team on training on how to do pretty much anything you can imagine. You’ll also be able to put your team through. You’ll have access to the additional module add-ons within my.BusinessTechNinjas.com.

We stand behind our work. This setup has been tested dozens of times to be stable and easy to use. We’ll always be here to help no matter if you choose an on-going agreement or not.

We offer maintenance, troubleshooting support and updates starting at $250 a month. 


Additional options once you have the Foundation Build complete

Optimized checkout

Have all your subscriptions and purchases live in KEAP but style your checkout forms however you like. You can even add order bumps, upsells and cross sells.

Retention Campaign

A systematic campaign to ensure that your members are getting value out of your membership. This drive up retention and overall sales.

Content Library

Organize your content in multiple categoes and allow members to favorite content. This is a great solution for call recordings or large libraries of content.

Update email list opt-in

(4 week timeline)

$997 USD

The Directory setup gives you the ability to have a directory of listings based on contact records within KEAP. You can display badges, and credentials, offer featured listings, remove out-of-date accounts and have members update their own accounts. 

There is no other tool out there with a tight integration with KEAP that allows you to do all of that and MORE. 

The plugin can be installed on any WordPress site. 

Currently Active Directory sites:

Setup Deliverables

  • Install of plugin
  • Setup of connection to KEAP / Infusionsoft
  • Creation of tags or implementation of existing tags for the following:
  • Display on directory
  • Designations / Certifications section (up to 6) with 2 groups
  • Profile badge display (Up to 6)\
  • Styling of directory updated to match site

You can send us what you would like for the icons or we will create based on brand standards or the current site.

Directory campaign setup

  • Start trigger to add people to the directory
  • Links for people to update their listings
  • Sequence to remind people to update after 6 months after the first update
  • 1-year plugin license

Internal form for easy:

  • Adding of listings
  • Removal of listings
  • Add featured listing
  • Remove featured listing
  • Apply/Remove certification tags

Payment Collection System

12-week timeline (6 weeks to implement and 6 weeks to monitor and ensure your team knows how to use it)

$2500 USD

The Payment Collection system enables you to be proactive with customers and see drop-off points before they become fires.

We often get sites that didn’t put a system in place early and it ends up becoming an infected problem. What I mean by infected is that it’s messy to clean-up, gives a negative customer experience and ends up eating away at profit. By getting this system set up early you’ll have clear metrics for how your business is doing and you’ll ensure that people who are paying have access and those that are not paying don’t. That last point probably seems a little like it should be assumed, except we’ve seen that assumption cost companies more than 6 figures. This is why the Payment Failure System is so important. 

KEAP does not do this automatically and you will get people who don’t get triggered into PAYF without this.

Up to 5 hrs of customization.

This is time spent tweaking it to make it just right for you and your specific business needs. For instance, say said you don’t want to remove access right away but you do want to have a system that does remove it if they don’t update.
Documentation of how the system works

Customization call – 1hr

On this call, we will explain how the system works and chat with your team about anything that needs to be tweaked to suit your needs.

Training – 1/2 hr

This is training your team on how to manage the system going forward, what to keep an eye out for etc.

Hand-off call – 1/2 hr

This is at the end of your 30 days of support to ensure that you and your team understand the system, it’s working the way you think it should and go through any questions you have.

Clean-up report

During this process, we will find the contact records that need to be cleaned up. We will pass this back to your team with our recommended next steps. We will also offer pricing if you want us to take care of it for you.