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Weed out the wrong people and get the RIGHT people on your side

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If you're like most business owners, here's why you maybe stuck...


"Your tech person has too many other clients and your work isn't getting the attention it needs"

You like them but you're tired of things being missed. Missed deadlines, errors and a lack of proactive thinking. Then it all falls back on you. Wasn't hiring a tech person meant to take this off your plate?


"Your developer has a million reasons why that can't be done"

You feel trapped. They know everything about your business. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. Yet, you can't shake this feeling that all this tech stuff shouldn't be this hard.


"They do it their way and when it doesn't work it's not their fault"

It was _______ tool or support told them to do it the wrong way. It's not on them, and you are left holding the bag. They don't have the experience of doing this time and time again to really know what the right way to do something is.

and when it comes down to it these people are holding your business back instead of helping you grow it...

If hiring and retaining talent were easy it wouldn't be the main topic of griping whenever you get a group of business owners together. It's hard enough in general but made even more difficult with tech.
If you are a plumber and are hiring someone to re-do your plumbing, you know the questions to ask. With tech, if you don't know what you're looking for or what to ask it's a shot in the dark and a hope that they'll deliver.
Sadly, more often then not tech people and agencies fall short of expectation. By asking the right questions right from the start of the relationship you'll be setting yourself up for success.
You'll be clear about what kind of developer you are working with and be able to adjust your expectations based on that.

Inside the PDF, You'll learn

It will solve all your problems, just kidding ;p
The 10 Fundamental Questions To Ask
These questions will allow you to understand who you are working with. Hold them to their answers and weed through the wrong people effortlessly.
The Four Types Of Developers
Not all developers or teams are created equal. Your expectations of each should be different otherwise you will wind up being disappointed. By knowing which type you are working with you set yourself up for getting the right type for your business and where you are at.
Get Straight On Your Expectations
You aren't a developer, you don't know where the bar for your expectations should be. That is why you keep accepting sub-par work. Get clear on what you should expect, communicate it to them and hold them to it.
Who Am I and Why Did I Make This?
I am Melodie, lovely to virtually meet you. I've been building websites for over 10 years, working quietly in the background of some of the highest volume membership sites on the web.
Every week I jump on a call with someone who has been disappointed with other developers. The developers are well intended (most of the time). They just aren't business owners in the sense of really being able to step up and take the tech weight off your shoulders.
Depending on where you are at, you can't always afford to get the developer or team that can do this.
I created this so that as business owners are hiring they know the right questions to ask and who they are working with.
By knowing what type of developer you are working with you can make your expectations in line with that. Some are great at solving the problem right in front of them but aren't proactive with long term fixes. Others are great at being proactive but can't put out the fire right in front of them.
Like so many things in life, there is no perfect person but you can set yourself up for success

Melodie Moore

It's free, you might as well download it

You can wait, it just means yet another day, week, month or year goes by while you have a tech team that is holding you back rather than pushing your business forward.

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