Business Flow Blueprint

Unlock the magic of creating flow within your business so you can stop struggling and create momentum rather than having to push a boulder up to the hill.
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If you're like most business owners, here's why you maybe stuck...

You and your team are so BUSY

There are so many things you would like to do but finding the time....

It feels like a struggle most of the time

You've got to bring in the revenue and it just feels like a grind...

You don't know where to start

There are fires everywhere and it's hard to see what's important...

It doesn't need to be this way...

When you started your business you needed to focus on making it work. Bring in more leads, convert them to clients and ensure you can fulfill on the work. That's still a big focus but now it's not the getting new clients that has you up at night, it's the delivering the service consistently.
Things are dropping off more than is comfortable. You are bringing in the business. They are then having a sub-optimal experience and leaving out the backdoor.
You are getting them in and know you should be leveraging a subscription or serving them more on-going. It's just not clear where to start or how to make that happen. Sure, you've read books and listened to podcasts on it but how does it apply to your business?
The Business Flow Blueprint allows you to see how you can get out of the weeds and create flow within your business. When you bring in new clients they go into a system that serves them and maximizes lifetime customer value.

Inside the PDF, You'll learn

It will solve all your problems, just kidding
Business Flow Template

These questions will allow you to understand who you are working with. Hold them to their answers and weed through the wrong people effortlessly.

Video Explaining the Template

Not all developers or teams are created equal. Your expectations of each should be different otherwise you will wind up being disappointed. By knowing which type you are working with you set yourself up for getting the right type for your business and where you are at.

Example of a Flow Template

You aren't a developer, you don't know where the bar for your expectations should be. That is why you keep accepting sub-par work. Get clear on what you should expect, communicate it to them and hold them to it.

Who Am I and Why Did I Make This?

I am Melodie, lovely to virtually meet you. I've been building websites for over 10 years, working quietly in the background of some of the highest volume membership sites on the web.
Every week I jump on a call with someone who has been disappointed with other developers. The developers are well intended (most of the time). They just aren't business owners in the sense of really being able to step up and take the tech weight off your shoulders.
Depending on where you are at, you can't always afford to get the developer or team that can do this.
I created this so that as business owners are hiring they know the right questions to ask and who they are working with.
By knowing what type of developer you are working with you can make your expectations in line with that. Some are great at solving the problem right in front of them but aren't proactive with long term fixes. Others are great at being proactive but can't put out the fire right in front of them.
Like so many things in life, there is no perfect person but you can set yourself up for success

Melodie Moore

You can wait, it just means yet another day, week, month or year goes by while you have a tech team that is holding you back rather than pushing your business forward.

It's free, you might as well download it

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